[50-50 Chance] F1 2017 Special Edition (PC)

[50-50 Chance] F1 2017 Special Edition (PC)

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this is only valid for purchasing 2x 50-50 products in ONE order.

Returns, refunds or replacements are excluded for all 50-50 chance products.

Please take notice that this is a gambling service! We cannot guarantee you will always win the advertised product, but we can guarantee that there will always be a 50% chance of winning it.

Important: You are only guaranteed to receive the game plus a random game code if you purchase the product twice within ONE purchasing process.
Older purchases will not be added up to new ones to increase your chances!


Our new promotional event is online! 50% Get the product you ordered or a random key!

The 50% chance brings to you the chance you getting one of the most acclaimed titles this year for amazing prices.

The rules are:

If you buy one of our [50-50 Chance] products for extremely low prices you have 50% chance of getting that product or a random key.

So for example if you buy F1 2017 Special Edition in this promotion:

-Add it to cart

-Place your order


-Once we confirm the payment you will receive a email

-The email will tell you that either you got F1 2017 Special Edition for that amazing price you bought or that you won a random key. (50% Chance of winning F1 2017 Special Edition)

If you order 2 times F1 2017 Special Edition you will get F1 2017 Special Edition coupon and a Random Key for sure. This works for any 10 titles we choose to be in this promotion.

Resuming this is a gambling system that has a 50-50 win chance, if you don't want to gamble you can just add 2x F1 2017 Special Edition that you will receive H1Z1: King of the Kill coupon and you will get a random key also with a nice price anyway!

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Additional Information

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