Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard CD-KEY

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Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard CD-KEY


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Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard

Microsoft Visio Standard is an application that allows you to create all types of diagrams. It is timesaving features make it a powerful tool for individuals and teams to use regular. It invites collaboration and encourages sharing. If you have ideas to communicate to others, you’ll want to explore what makes this version of Visio Standard one worth buying.


SoftwarePug, like Microsoft, believes in giving people tools that empower of them. That is why we sell products like MS Visio Standard 2016 as virtual downloads. We know that the right software and applications can transform how a person works by eliminating unnecessary tasks, strengthening projects, and providing a means to share the work being done with the right parties. The 2016 version of Visio Standard provides ample opportunity for individuals and companies to shine. Check out the many different features included with the purchase of this product.


This version of Microsoft Visio Standard is for PC use only. Even then, it offers plenty of opportunities to access its incredible features such as:


  • Create professional network diagrams fast. In addition to diagrams, you can also do the same with flowcharts, maps, and floor plans. There are new shapes and templates to choose from making it effortless to personalize diagrams.
  • Familiar flowcharting activities are done with ease. If you’ve worked with previous versions of Visio Standard, you’ll find the Office experience is similar. That means that you’ll spend less time getting to know the newest version of the Visio and more time on the tasks needing to be done.
  • Collaborate with whomever you want whenever you want. Choose how you collaborate. There are a number of options available. For example, you can add comments to a diagram or shape. You can also chat with Skype for Business if you prefer to have a more in-depth conversation on your PC.
  • Share diagrams with anyone from almost anywhere you are. Decide who in the organization you want to send diagrams to. You have the option to do this from a number of places.
  • The Microsoft reputation for producing outstanding and innovative, problem-solving programs, tools, and features.


What does Visio Standard have to offer? Read more about its amazing features below.




Microsoft Visio Standard 2016 offers PC users the following time-saving and productivity-promoting features:


Templates and Thousands of Shapes to Choose From


 With Visio, you have options. Timesaving templates and shapes help you get the job done fast. You don’t have to spend hours designing the perfect format for your diagram. Just choose the template that meets your needs best and get to work personalizing it. You’ll have a polished, professional diagram to present in a matter of no time, and you’ll spend less time trying to achieve that perfect look.


Ability to Import DWG Files


Import AutoCAD designs up to DWG 2010 and add shapes to them. Advanced visualizations are simplified and enhanced when you do this. It’s another feature offered by the newest version of MS Visio Standard.


Easier Flowcharting


Do the most common diagramming activities available within seconds. You can change shapes, auto align and position, duplicate, and reorder pages. Shapes are preserved because of the intuitive nature of this innovative feature. This makes flowcharting much easier to do.


Integration with Skype for Business


Use integrated communication tools for better options. Choose voice, video or chat. Skype for Business gives you these options and Visio provides solutions that do not require you to switch between apps. This helpful feature encourages collaboration because it makes it easy for two parties to ask questions, provide feedback, and make comments as work is being done. You’ll have greater ease knowing that everyone is on the same page.


Diagram Sharing in a Matter of Minutes


From the moment a diagram is complete, you can send it to the person or parties of your choice. That means that you’ll be able to share the work that you’ve done and the information that you diagrammed. The end result is better understanding of what is taking place at all times between the parties elected to view the diagram. People can then send their questions to you or schedule a time to chat on Skype for Business for clarification purposes.


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System Requirements

In order to be able to use Visio Standard 2016, you must check your system to make sure it’s compatible with Microsoft’s requirements. Your system needs:

  • A processor with at least 1 GHz or faster x86-bit with SSE2.
  • RAM of 2GB or more
  • Free disk space of 3.0GB or more
  • Screen resolution of at least 1280x800
  • A graphics card for graphics hardware acceleration, DirectX 10 is best.
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Windows 10 Server, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2008 R2 works as well.
  • A current version or previous version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox


SoftwarePug makes buying authentic Microsoft software and apps easy. Available for immediate download, Microsoft Visio Standard 2016 changes the way you think about presenting. It gives you tools that simplify complex concepts which makes them easily understood by the people you share them with. Find out what makes SoftwarePug a successful online retailer. Take advantage of our low prices and excellent customer service now!

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